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Environmental Policies

The Agricultural Company PUNZI Srl considers the safeguarding and protection of the environment a priority, which it considers essential and decisive element for the conduct of its business and an essential condition for promoting the continuous improvement of environmental compatibility as an indispensable prerequisite and guiding principle in business management, as well as to consider it a socio-economic principle of primary value.

In this sense we are committed to:

  • Ensure compliance with the requirements dictated by legislation both in environmental matters and other undersigned requirements;

  • Evaluate our level of environmental efficiency and pursue continuous improvement of the performance of our processes and products;

  • Prevent and reduce the pollution caused by the activities we carry out;

  • Adopt advanced technologies, economically feasible, which minimize the environmental impact of the production activity.

In particular, also in relation to the territorial context in which our company is located, we recognize our will to:

  • Increase the biological diversity of the ecosystem and soils;

  • Recycle the residues of plant origin, in order to return the nutritional elements to the earth, thus reducing the use of non-renewable resources as much as possible;

  • Relying on renewable resources in locally organized agricultural systems;

  • Promote the correct use of soils, water resources and the atmosphere and reduce as far as possible any form of pollution that could derive from cultivation practices;

  • Handle agricultural products, with particular attention to processing methods, in order to maintain the biological integrity and essential qualities of the product in all the various phases;

  • Maintain dialogue with our neighbors, authorities, public and private entities in the logic of transparency and collaboration.

The Company intends to achieve these objectives through the establishment of a Management System which also includes procedural tools capable of managing, controlling and measuring the significant environmental aspects. We also intend to make use of appropriate methods of verifying the results that we will strive to achieve and to allow us to plan future goals in the spirit of continuous improvement.

Finally, we believe in the maximum involvement of the staff who work at the site and in raising the awareness of our customers and suppliers, so as to collaborate for the common goal of safeguarding the environment in which we operate and live.

We also want to seek continuous collaboration with public authorities and pursue a transparent dialogue with citizens.

This policy is communicated to all Company personnel, in the most appropriate forms, to our customers and suppliers. It is made available to the public and to anyone who requests it.

Eboli there, 29 March 2019

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