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Quality - Global GAP

There is no other sector in which the challenge of market globalization is as great as in primary industry. GLOBALG.AP (formerly known as EUREPG.AP) has become a key reference for Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) in the global market, transferring consumer needs to agricultural production in a growing number of countries - currently more than 80 and on every continent.

GLOBALG.AP is a private association that sets voluntary standards for the certification of agricultural products around the world. Its goal is to achieve ONE SINGLE standard of Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) with different product applications, able to satisfy the whole of global agriculture.
GLOBALG.AP is a pre-agricultural standard, this means that the certificate covers the product certification process starting from agricultural inputs, such as feed or seeds and, furthermore, all agricultural activities, until the product leaves the farm. GLOBALG.AP is a business-to-business trademark and therefore is not directly visible to the consumer.
GLOBALG.AP certification is carried out in over eighty countries by more than 100 independent and accredited certification bodies. It is open to all producers throughout the world.
GLOBALG.AP provides for annual inspections and additional unannounced inspections of producers.

GLOBALG.AP consists of a number of regulatory documents. These documents include the GLOBALG.AP General Regulations, the GLOBALG.AP Control Points and Compliance Criteria and the GLOBALG.AP Checklist.
Given the considerable number of agricultural safety systems in circulation prior to the existence of GLOBALG.AP, we had to find a way to encourage the development of quality management systems, adapted to the regional situation and to prevent producers from undergoing more than an audit. Pre-existing national or regional management systems that have managed to complete the benchmarking process are recognized as equivalent to GLOBALG.AP

The GLOBALG.AP standard is reviewed every three years to ensure continuous improvement and to evaluate technological and market developments.

Traceability through the GLOBAL GAP GGN

The GLOBAL GAP GGN is a 13-digit number that uniquely identifies each individual producer in the GLOBAL G.AP database.
Each individual member of a certification is identified with a GGN. This acts as a search key for certificate validation.

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