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Our origins

Passionate farmers for 3 generations

From the parents Stanislao and Giuseppina, to the sons Nunzio and Francesco, the love for the land, handed down, as per good agricultural tradition, from generation to generation, is the basis of the success of the Punzi group. The passion for an increasingly professional and specialized agriculture has led the Punzi group to invest and build its fortunes in an agriculture that is increasingly attentive to continuous market changes, all in the verdant and splendid Piana del Sele, where the greenhouse plants and avant-garde and technological are the basis of the production of vegetables of the highest quality: salads for the Fourth Range and the Fresh Market, Baby Leaf (Rocket, Lettuce, Valerian, etc.), Zucchini, Tomatoes, Melons, Cucumbers . Healthy and highly qualitative products, cultivated in the exclusive respect of the consumer's health. Quality certified according to the constantly evolving standards of good agricultural practices (GLOBAL GAP).
The Punzi farms are located in the heart of the Piana del Sele, a thriving agricultural reality famous for its fertile lands and favorable climatic conditions, the products of the "Chiana", in fact, have always been known for their characteristics of very high nutritional value and for the genuineness and authenticity of the flavors.

Chi siamo: Chi siamo
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