Ethics – The Grasp

logo-graspGRASP is an integrated form to GLOBAL G.A.P. standards. It increases awareness regarding social responsibility in primary sector companies. The word GRASP stands for GLOBAL G.A.P Risk Assessment on Social Practice.

The schedule provides tools useful for implementation and evaluation of certain social indicators in agricultural companies where GLOBAL G.A.P. standard has been implemented, by completing the chapter aimed at health and work safety.

Looking at current working law, it allows entrepreneurs facing important matters and creating awareness inside the company. It can be applied to certified agricultural companies and it shows GDO their own attention regarding social working matters.


How to implement GRASP schedule?

  1. The company has to self-evaluate itself about social risk inside itself, following GRASP rules and filling the checklist, about harvest and handling points.
  2. The Certiquality inspector will go through with inspection ( it can happen together with GLOBAL G.A.P. verifies or in any other moment).
  3. Each schedule is sent to globalgap. The GRASP evaluation result will be visualized in GLOBAL G.A.P. database, together with GLOBAL G.A.P. valid certificate.