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The Company history

Being in love with agriculture is the ground where Punzi group has its roots. Nunzio and Francesco got this feeling from their parents Stanislao and Giuseppina and started from it.

Being passionate about professional and specialized agriculture has made Punzi group investing and building its fortunes thanks to an agriculture adapted to market changes. All this has happened in Piana del Sele, where greenhouses are full of high quality vegetables: salads good for fourth range and fresh market, baby leaf (arugula, little lettuces, valerians, etc.), zucchinis, tomatoes, melons, cucumbers.

Healthy and high quality products, produced respecting consumer’s health. Certified quality accorded to latest standards (GLOBAL GAP).


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The Sele River Plain
Punzi company is in the heart of the Sele River Plain, prosperous agricultural reality famous for its fecund soils and good climate. Its products have always been known for their high quality features and for its natural flavor.